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Basketball Pole & Hoop Replacement Accessories

Not always the most glamorous part of basketball, hoop accessories like a basketball pole, basketball backboard replacement, or extension arms make playing the game possible. Whether you are putting up a hoop for the first time or are replacing some parts from an older system, making a basketball hoop last for years and years requires some maintenance and high quality materials. Find replacement parts and basketball poles that work for your system right here because the hoop that you spend effort and money setting up needs to be built and maintained properly to get the most out of it.

Anchor kits and ground sleeves make sure that the time, effort, and resources you put into your basketball hoop do not go to waste. The entire basketball system is reliant on the small parts that keep the system standing, straight, and secure. Sports Unlimited not only offers a huge selection of basketball hoops, backboards, rims, and entire systems for your gym, driveway, or court, but we also carry replacement parts and accessories to make sure your investment is not corrupted from poor maintenance. Aside from anchor kits and posts, you can also find extension arms for your hoop or even backboard height adjustment systems that can make your gymnasium hoop more versatile. Your basketball system is important, treat it that way.