CranBarry Field Hockey Sticks

CranBarry is a sporting goods distributor that specifically sells field hockey equipment. They feature name-brand items, such as their own, as well as Grays and OBO, which are the most popular. They are a company that is dedicated to providing "Superior Equipment for Superior Athletes".

OBO is a world market leader that specifically dedicates its business to creating field hockey gear for goalies. Their products include equipment for the following: Head, Throat, Body Armour, Elbows, Hands, Groin, Pants, Sticks, Legs, and Feet.

OBO succeeds in its industry because of its involvement with goalkeepers across the country and its constant development and testing of new ideas. OBO understands that goalies need to be as agile, mobile, and versatile as possible. With advanced technology, OBO has created a unique foam that has a tighter cell structure, allowing it to last longer. Additionally, OBO's products are made using a unique thermo-bonding process that enables them to make 3-D equipment. For instance, this means that each leg guard is pre-molded to fit the leg and is shaped to reflect the way the body moves, allowing you to react and move around faster come game time. All components of the foam are bonded together, not glued, which increases the strength and allows designers to add higher density foam where extra protection is required. Not only is this equipment constructed for safety but it is also carefully designed by product professionals who incorporate tasteful and trendy graphics and colors that are eye-capturing to our players.


CranBarry Field Hockey Sticks

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