STX vs STRYK Field Hockey Stick Package Comparison

Sports Unlimited offers an excellent selection of field hockey packages for beginner players that include everything you will need to begin your career. Here we compare two of our best-selling packages and compare the advantages of both packages.

The STRYK Burst Beginner Field Hockey Stick Package includes a STRYK Burst Stick, a field hockey stick bag, shin guards, and a ball, while the STX Field Hockey Rookie Starter Package includes an STX Surgeon 50 Stick, a field hockey stick bag, shin guards, and a pair of goggles. While both sticks were designed for beginner players, there are some minor differences between the two that could affect your playing style. The Burst Field Hockey stick features a wood construction that offers a forgiving feel and a soft touch on the ball, making it easy for beginners to trap the ball and transition into their next move while maintaining control. The Surgeon 50 was designed with an all fiberglass composition that also offers a soft touch on the ball, and it is lighter in weight than a wood stick, making it easier to maneuver. Also, the STRYK Burst Stick has a maxi toe that has a larger sweet spot for easier receiving and better ball control when dribbling, while the STX Surgeon 50 features a midi toe which is slightly smaller and lighter and therefore easier to maneuver, aiding your skill development especially reverse stick work. Both sticks were designed with a standard bow shape and size that offers excellent control and helps you master your ball handling abilities, and they both have a fun, colorful design that kids love.

The STRYK shin guards were constructed with a hard plastic insert in the front to protect your shins from hard hit balls and errant swings, while the STX shin guards were made using foam padding for a lightweight fit that wonÆt slow you down. Both pairs of shin guards extend down over your ankles to offer increased protection, and they both allow great airflow inside to help keep your legs cool and comfortable. Plus, they both offer a great fit around your calvesù with the STRYK shin guards using Velcro adjustable straps and the STX shin guards using a compression sleeve fit, so you wonÆt have to worry about adjusting your shin guards mid-game!

Both packages include a stick bag to easily transport your gear to and from the field. They both feature a padded shoulder strap that can be slung over your shoulder or worn cross body for a comfortable carry, and they included a mesh pocket on the front to store your sweaty shin guards and cleats and a small zippered pocket on the front for your valuables.

The biggest difference between these two packages is the STRYK package includes a rainbow colored ball so you can start practicing in the backyard right away, while the STX package includes a pair of Rookie Youth goggles that are game day ready and FIH approved.