Ghost X vs. Beast X Hyrbid

With the new bat regulations for Youth Baseball coming into play on January 1, 2018; players, parents, and coaches will be looking to gear up in the coming months. The USA Bat certification was developed to provide a uniform performance level that would match that of a wooden bat. This was done in an effort to protect the integrity of the game, and allow for more consistency as players moved up the ranks.

This called on bat manufactures to produce all new bats that would meet the new standard, but maintain a quality performance. As expected, leading youth bat makers Easton have stepped up to the plate, offering a range of bat options for every skill level. Two of their new premier youth bats are the Ghost X and Beast X Hybrid. Both offer remarkable pop and a sweet spot that batters will fall in love with. These new offerings from Easton are a two piece design with 2 5/8ö barrels and a -10 drop length to weight ratio. They also feature a thing 29/32 inch EXACT Carbon handle that decreases negative feedback.

What separates these high performance bats is their composition. The Ghost X is part of a long line of composite bats produced by Easton. The EXACT Carbon is matched with CONNEXION+ technology to deliver exceptional durability, feel, and performance. The Beast X Hybrid is the descendant of the popular Easton Z-CORE bats. Thermal Alloy Construction (ATAC) and EastonÆs X-tended barrel design with its patented Z-CORE technology makes this aluminum bat long and powerful.

Selecting which youth bat is best for you is a fairly simple process. The question is simply, do you prefer a carbon composite or an aluminum hybrid bat. That will typical depend on the budget you are shopping with, but rest assure as both offer outstanding performance. No matter which bat you choose, you know youÆll be ready with a certified USABat for 2018.