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Inline Skates

Inline skates, sometimes referred to as Rollerblades, became widely popular in the 1990's as an alternative to traditional quad roller skates. Unlike quad skates which have two front and two rear wheels, inline skates have three to five wheels arranged in a single line. Most also have a rear heel stop on one or both skates.

With skates for beginners to professionals, our inline skates can provide hours of fun for everyone. There are different types of inline skates for different types of skating such as speed skating, roller hockey and aggressive skating (often done at skate parks). The wheel size and setup differ depending on the skate style. Aggressive inline skates often have smaller wheels and usually only two or three wheels with either a small hard wheel in the center or just a solid hard space in between the front and back wheel, making grinding objects easier. Speed skates on the other hand have larger and more wheels to increase stability at faster speeds. Roller hockey skate wheels can be a variety of sizes, often with the front wheels being smaller than the back wheels to help with acceleration.

Sports Unlimited carries a range of inline skates from Roller Derby, Rollerblade, Epic and more. Adjustable and convertible skates for growing kids to professional speed skates for adults. And all skates over $99 ship for free!

Inline Skates / Roller Blades

Inline Skates