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Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

Still wearing your first set of shoulder pads that are stiff and difficult to move in? You don't need that kind of trouble when you are out on the field on game day, trying to lead your team to victory. Trade up for a newer, lighter, more mobile, but still just as protective shoulder pads that will no longer limit your game time moves, including those all too important shots on the goal.

Protective equipment is constantly being reevaluated by major lacrosse brands like STX, Warrior, and Brine, changing the way we look at padding required to be worn during play. Continually being made more light weight, and at the same time more protective, these companies are trying to not only keep you safe, but help improve your mobility. This in turn helps you improve your skills as a player.

Shoulder pads cover your shoulders, upper arms, and upper back while often times containing reinforced protection of the massively important chest and sternum area. Lacrosse manufacturers also go to great lengths to make sure shoulder pads are well ventilated and breathable, keeping you comfortable during wear so that you are not sticky and sweaty during games or practices.