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Lacrosse Pads / Lacrosse Protective Gear

When shopping for lacrosse pads for men's or boys lacrosse, there are four main categories to focus on: Shoulder pads, arm pads, and rib pads. Each type of pad has its own purpose, and it's up to you to decide what type of recommended padding you'll need. Shoulder pads and gloves however, are required for play. Shop Sports Unlimited's selection of men's lacrosse pads and protective gear for this lacrosse season.

Shoulder pads are required for wear by all players (with the exception of the goalie) in all lacrosse play. Most lacrosse shoulder pads are built with breathability, ventilation, and mobility in mind, in addition to protection of the chest and sternum area. Shoulder pads protect the shoulders, upper arms, chest and sternum during play.

Arm pads come in a couple different styles. Arm guards include an external elbow cap and upper arm coverage, and are not necessarily player specific. Arm pads are generally a smaller, lighter profile than a guard, and ideal for defensemen and midfielders. Arm pads are also a good choice for smaller, younger players as they fit better in combination with gloves and shoulder pads. Elbow pads have a much smaller profile than both a guard and an arm pad, but for minimal coverage and protection. Elbow pads are ideal for defense positions.

Rib pads are only recommended for wear, and are not required for play. Rib pads protect the ribs, hips, and spine of a player.

Gloves are also a required piece of equipment in lacrosse, and they are designed to keep your hands protected from stick checks.


Lacrosse Pads / Lacrosse Protective Gear