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Lacrosse Helmet Accessories

It's not news that you are required to wear a lacrosse helmet if you play lacrosse for any league or organization. Most likely, you already have a lacrosse helmet, or are planning on buying one, and you are looking for a special chin strap or cool stickers to keep you looking fresh on the field.

Chin straps provide extra protection against checks and snap into most helmets. This small piece of equipment is important in keeping your mouth, teeth, jaw and skull protected. The selection of chin straps for lacrosse helmets at Sports Unlimited come in an array of colors to match your team's colors. Check out our selection from Cascade and our collection of custom SportStar colors to fit your unique style.

Check out Sports Unlimited's selection of lacrosse helmet accessories like chin straps, stickers and throat guards to keep you protected and to help customize your helmet to fit your style or your team colors!