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Lacrosse helmets are specifically designed for the sport because with metal and plastic flying in the air, you need to cover your head, neck, and face with some serious protection. Brands like Cascade create lacrosse helmets not only to be spectacularly protective, but also but to look incredible as well. With the main components being the shell, visor, facemask, and chin bar, lacrosse helmet designs have become intricate representations of modern protective design and technology. As the helmet is made up of multiple parts, that gives way to countless color-way options with many helmets providing you with the options on shell color, temple color, chinstrap color, jaw color, visor color, mohawk color, and facemask color. That may seem daunting at first, but customizing your helmet to your team colors not only provides an awesome end product, but also is fun in the planning.

Lacrosse is not only a game of extreme skill, but also a sport in which players take some serious pride in the uniforms they wear. Helmets are just as much a part of your uniform as your jersey and shorts. Choose your helmet wisely with brand, construction, and design. If you want to learn more, visit our lacrosse helmet guide that is written to inform you about everything from construction to fit to benefits.