Reusch Receptor RG vs. Uhlsport Eliminator Soft SF


Choosing the right goalkeeper gloves can be a comprehensive process. Each keeper has different fit and feel characteristics that they prefer, and finding the correct combination is important in providing them the confidence they need. Every manufacturer has worked tirelessly to design and develop a glove that fits and performs the way keepers demand. Two of the leading brands, who specialize in goalkeeper gloves, are Reusch and Ulhsport. Both have a proven ability to produce elite level gloves that are trusted by the world’s best.

Reusch and Ulhsport have each developed a range of gloves to meet the needs of players with different skill levels. From kids just learning the sport to those patrolling the pitch in the premier league, there’s a glove for you. When it comes to those picking up the goalkeeper position at a young age, few produce a glove more equipped than these two. The Reusch Receptor RG and Uhlsports Eliminator Soft SF Junior gloves are both exceptional and designed specifically to make the game easier. Packed with features to provide protection while delivering optimal grip in difficult weather conditions.

Both of these gloves are engineered for youth level play and share some similarities in their designs. Each glove uses a soft latex palm for excellent grip and durability. EVA foam is featured on both gloves back, giving players added protection when punching the ball. They both also have finger stabilization built in that helps improve a keepers catching performance. The Reusch Receptor has an expanse cut which allows for an often preferred larger palm surface. While the Ulhsport Eliminator uses a flat cut palm giving player more mobility and feel. No matter which glove you chose, you’ll be sure to develop your game and increase your clean sheet numbers.