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Scooters / Electric Scooters

Hit the pavement and feel the wind in your hair! Manual scooters, electric scooters, caster boards, and balance bikes are sure to provide hours of fun for the whole family.

Balance bikes have taken the toy and bike world by storm. They have the frame of a bicycle with slightly narrower handlebars and an adjustable seat. The difference is they have no pedals! The rider propels themselves by using their feet. After gaining speed, they can either continue to push off with their feet, or pull their feet up on to the foot rest pegs and glide downhill. Mastering balance before pedaling is crucial to learning how to ride a bicycle, but balance bikes are also a ton of fun in their own right!

Scooters come in many styles from simple, manual scooters to advanced, electric scooters. Manual scooters typically have one wheel in the front and one in the back connected by a straight footboard. The handlebars extend up from the front wheel. Many of these scooters are foldable for easy transport. Electric scooters can look similar to manual scooters, but with larger wheels, a wider footboard, and a handbrake. Other electric scooters are moped-style and feature a seat. Kids' scooters frequently have three wheels for increased stability while learning to balance.

Caster boards, scooters, and trikes add excitement and speed for older children who want more of an extreme ride. Casters are connected to the bottom of the board, but unlike standard scooter or bicycle wheels, they can spin 360 degrees, allowing for side-to-side as well as forward and backward movement. Caster boards have one caster in the front and one in the back and are steered using the feet. Caster scooters and trikes generally have a standard wheel in the front for steering with casters in the back for weaving, spinning, or drifting.


Scooters / Electric Scooters