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Soccer Accessories

To play soccer, all you really need is a ball and a goal, but to excel at soccer you need a lot more.

It is a well-known fact that soccer is a sport played almost entirely with the lower body. It would make sense to focus part of your practice time on increasing your players' lower body strength and agility. Ladders, rings, coaching sticks, and hurdles are all valuable tools for challenging your athletes and improving their multi-directional agility as well as their reaction time. Parachutes and resistance bands work all of the muscles in the lower body in unison to strengthen muscles and increase speed.

Soccer medicine balls are weighted balls that are the size of a regulation soccer ball. These medicine balls are not intended to be used for kicking or heading, but are incredible training implements for goalkeepers to work on throws or catching and for field players to strengthen the muscles needed for in-bounds passes.

It is also important to spend time improving your players? ball skills. Cones are the perfect way to set up ball skills drills in whatever configuration you desire. Coaching sticks can also be used in the same fashion and are great for agility dribbling drills. Cones are available in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and colors. Other ground markers are flat to allow the ball to easily roll over them when placed on the field and are also available in several different colors, shapes, and sizes.


Soccer Accessories