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Pink Apparel and Accessories - Breast Cancer Awareness

According to the American Cancer Society, it is estimated that in 2011, over 230,000 women and 2,140 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer! In the face of these staggering numbers, many of us can feel powerless. After all, how can we fight a relentless disease that affects so many people? What can we do to help our friends and family who take on cancer?

The answer is simple, but demands a lot of you. Just Think Pink!

In 1993, the Pink Ribbon was established as the official symbol of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and both the color and symbol soon became synonymous with enduring support for those fighting to beat the disease.

When you Think Pink, you become a spokesperson for your loved ones, a source of strength and healing for them, and a fountain of information for others. You become a beacon of hope for everyone out there who works to find a cure for themselves and others. You tie yourself to a community of women and men who do the same, lending your voice and strength to theirs, making the movement towards a cure that much stronger!

But how do you Think Pink?

There are endless ways to show your support and help to find a cure for breast cancer:

  • Purchase some of your favorite products!

    Manufacturers all over the world, like The North Face, Reebok, Oakley, and Cutters, have joined with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation, to create special Pink Ribbon merchandise. From football gloves to fleece jackets, socks to sunglasses, the Pink Ribbon is everywhere! You've probably even seen them on some of your friends, family, and favorite pro athletes and celebrities! For every purchase, these manufacturers donate a portion of the sale price to help spread the word, raise awareness, and fund research for breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cures.

  • Race for the Cure!

    Every October, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Susan G. Komen Foundation holds races all over the country to raise funds and spread awareness. These races are amazing and awe-inspiring events of hope and strength, and bring together people from all walks of life for one common goal, tied together in one common bond. Get the family together, call your friends, and build your team. Then find the Race For the Cure near you, and rock your pink apparel as your run or walk.

  • Participate!

    All types of fund raising events, from golf outings to bake sales, are taking place every day in October, all over the world! Find a Breast Cancer Awareness Month event near you and get involved!

Throughout National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, follow the Pink Ribbon, and see how many of your favorite pro athletes, celebrities, and even your co-workers, family, and friends, Think Pink wherever and however they can! Join with them, and support the fight today! Every little bit helps, so do your part and together we can give everyone the lifetime they deserve!

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Think Pink

Pink Apparel and Accessories - Breast Cancer Awareness