Weight Bars

Weight bars come in so many shapes and sizes that the selection process may seem like a daunting one.

Straight bars come in 5 foot, 6 foot, and 7 foot lengths and have either a chrome or black finish. The sleeves on the end of the bars are either 1 inch or 2 inches in diameter to accommodate standard or Olympic-sized plates. Make sure you purchase the bar that is the appropriate length and one that works with your weight plates.

Weights bars can also be shorter (dumbbell length) when using free weight plates for single-arm upper body exercises. Some of these dumbbell handle bars include spinlock, traditional, or spring clip collars to keep your plates secure while lifting.

Another common style of weight bar is the curl bar. Curl bars are typically 4 feet in length. A few may be longer or shorter depending on the manufacturer and specific style of the bar. Some bars include spinlock, traditional, or spring clip collars. As with other weight bars, curl bars can have end sleeves compatible with 1 inch standard plates or 2 inch Olympic plates.

Finally, specialty bars are available for targeting specific muscle groups. Commonly found specialty bars include wrist, shrug, and tricep bars.