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Right out of the gate, Oakley took the world of eyewear from basic form and function, to innovative new and unprecedented heights of pure style and mind-blowing performance. Oakley sunglasses, goggles and apparel are almost more art than science, with a look all their own and a style as unique as you are. With more than 600 patents and a constantly expanding list of technologies and innovations in the industry, Oakley has proven its commitment to pushing the limits of optical performance in every condition on the planet!

Oakley builds every lens in every pair of sunglasses and goggles with their patented High Definition Optics (HDO), to give the wearer the most clarity and true image possible. Standard sunglasses, with standard definition optical lenses, tend to dull or blur your visual clarity, even shifting images. Light doesn't pass through these lenses clearly, so each eye sees something different. This creates distorted visualizations that force your brain to work overtime putting them together. And it only gets worse with distance. Standard lenses can also distort the image, magnifying it like prescription glasses. Oakley's HDO correct this problem, bringing you sharp clarity, incorruptible visualization, and no image shifting. Tested ad nauseum by both Oakley and the American National Standards Institute, these lenses are the cream of the crop. Used by top athletes across every sport, nothing is clearer than Oakley HDO.

Sports Unlimited is an authorized Oakley dealer, which means every pair of Oakley sunglasses, Oakley goggles, and stitch of Oakley performance apparel is 100% authentic. We only stock the genuine article, straight from Oakley, and shipped right to your door.

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