Oakley Sunglasses

Insanely popular with pro and amateur athletes, as well as active guys and gals all over the world, Oakley sunglasses represent the pinnacle of art and science. With performance-based technologies like their High Definition Optics, all Oakley shades provide unequaled optical clarity. Most are polarized, with the lens material actually molecularly bonded to the polarized filter, completely eliminating haze and distortion. Oakley even offers a library of lens colors and options, so you can customize your look or performance features, to meet your needs in any condition.

Oakley frames integrate this optical technology seamlessly into true works of art. Comfortable, lightweight, and unique as you are, Oakley frames are specifically designed to give you the best look possible, no matter what your size or shape:

Impact resistant, tough, clear, and unabashedly cool, the entire line of Oakley sunglasses and Oakley ski goggles are specifically built for those who take the world on, and push their own limits to experience all there is to see. Don't hold back, and don't put your vision in anyone else's hands but Oakley.

What's the difference between Sport, Active, and Lifestyle Oakley Sunglasses?

Oakley designs sunglasses for every aspect of life, and tailors each design to suit the needs of everyone from the most demanding athlete to the average Joe or Jane just searching for a great look. To better organize their wide array of sunglasses, Oakley characterizes each line as either Sport, Active, or Lifestyle. But this isn't just an arbitrary classification. Each category offers customers different features and benefits, depending on what you're looking for in a pair of sunglasses.

Sport Performance Sunglasses from Oakley provide incredible and multifaceted benefits to the active person or professional athlete. Shades like the famous Oakley M Frames or Flak Jacket give athletes in every sport exactly what they need to sharpen their games. These sunglasses are amazingly lightweight, yet durable and strong; built to hold up to tons of abuse and the most extreme conditions, without holding you back. All Oakley Sport Sunglasses also feature interchangeable lens systems, which allow you to quickly change the lenses to adapt to changing weather and light conditions. Various lenses and tints hone your vision to suit your surroundings, improving color recognition and clarity, and giving you the edge you need. Whether it's the single toric shield of the M Frame or Radar, or the twin Polaric Ellipsoid geometry of dual lenses in the revolutionary Oakley Jawbone, athletes the world over have improved their games with Oakley Sport.

Active Sunglasses from Oakley provide similar performance to their Sport line, but with added style that lets athletes and active people go from the sport to the street seamlessly. Streamlined, strong, lightweight, tough, but still undeniably cool, sunglasses like the Oakley Fives and Scalpel pave their own path through the world, with attitude and confidence. Designed for comfort, performance, and unique style, Oakley Active sunglasses are for anyone who defines themselves with the indefinable, and is always ready for the next adventure.

Lifestyle Sunglasses from Oakley feature the latest in convention-smashing style and design, build for people who know that image is so much more than a look. These shades deliver Oakley's latest technologies and ground-breaking materials, spun by artists and designers to create some of the coolest, most innovative sunglasses on the planet. From the striking Oakley Batwolf, to the curvy Oakley Dangerous, Lifestyle sunglasses are just another extension of your personality and soul. Designed to make a statement, Oakley Lifestyle shades reflect your inner style, complimented with all-day wear-ability.

Oakley Sunglasses

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