Under Armour Senior Pro vs. Easton M10

With a new baseball season on the horizon, gearing up with the right equipment is essential. Each year, baseball manufacturers roll out their latest and greatest, offering new technology and designs to help you look and perform at your best. The newest youth catchers gear from leading baseball brands Easton and Under Armour exceed those expectations. Both the Under Armour Senior Pro and Easton M10 Intermediate are engineered to let you to stand out behind the plate.

For those catchers who fall in the 12-16 age group, and take their game serious, these catchers sets should be at the top of your list. Both are inspired by their professional level sets, using many of the same design features to let you confidently stand behind the plate. Both sets come with ABS plastic helmets packed with protection and ventilation, keeping you calm and cool during the game. Sizing is also similar with these sets as the Under Armour comes with a 15ö Chest Protector and 14ö Leg Guards, while the Easton has 14ö Chest Protector and Leg Guards.

A few noticeable differences between these two sets may help you decide which will work best for you. The Under Armour helmet features the popular I-Bar Facemask, while the Easton comes with a removable and washable liner. The foam in the M10 is design to keep blocked balls closer to you for quicker reactions, and the Victory has a removable and adjustable tail. Finally, the Under Armour leg guards are the double knee design, while the Easton features to more protective triple knee coverage. No matter which youth catchers set you decided to go with, youÆve put yourself in some high performance gear for the upcoming year.