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Brine Field Hockey Sticks

Brine Field Hockey Sticks

Brine was founded in 1922 by W.H Brine, Brine Inc. established itself as a sporting goods manufacturer located in the United States. The company specifically sells lacrosse, soccer, volleyball and field hockey equipment. After being acquired by New Balance in 2006, the company changed its name from Brine Inc. to Brine Corp. Performance-driven technology is at the heart of every Brine field hockey stick. Brine has taken the time to research, develop and gather input from the sport’s top pro players and have converted their suggestions into game-changing stick attributes. Such innovations like Composite Technology that fuses carbon, aramid, and fiberglass, or Foam Core Technology designed to absorb vibration during impact has made all the difference in Brine’s sticks. Brine understands that every single athlete has specific needs based on preference and position; therefore, with their multiple combinations of toe designs, bow ranges, and stick lengths, they have the perfect match for every player.


Composite: Combination of carbon, aramid, and fiberglass molded together to create superior balance and feel. It is stronger than wood for a harder drive.

Foam Core: Foam is inserted into the handle during the molding process. The stick will absorb more vibration when hitting the ball.

Power Control Symbol: Power = Advanced players may prefer a stiffer stick for increased power. Control = Beginning players should look for a flexible stick with good shock absorption and control components.

Bow Size: Sticks range in bow size so that you can choose bow dimensions based on preference. Drag flickers prefer a greater bow while beginners maneuver better without one. All Brine sticks meet current NFHS/FIH bow-marking requirements of 25mm or less.

Gritty Toe: Designed to create texture for better feel and control.

Control Channel: Drag flickers’ delight with sleek 3mm channel for power and precision.

King Logo

Symbol represents the high-end international series

Brine categorizes their sticks into four series: Cempa, VE12, Crown, and Taiga.

  1. Cempa - the Cempa Series offers three stick styles: the Cempa Indoor with a Maxi head design, the Cempa 3.0 with a Midi toe, and lastly, the Cempa Elite that has a J-Shaped/Hook toe design. Each stick is constructed with a series of combined technologies that will overall improve the control and power of the stick. Each of these sticks contains the “King Logo”, representing the series as high-end and international and because of that, this series is the most expensive due to its construction.
  2. VE12 - this series offers players the option of 5 different sticks in which to choose from: Vintage; CD 2.0; Diamond, Tabloid, and Indoor. Items are placed highest to lowest in that exact order. All are designed as Maxi toes and are built with varying technologies that offer power control, composite technology, bow size technology, etc…
  3. Crown - The Crown series comes with 3 different sticks: Crown 450, Crown 250 and Crown 100. All are designed as Maxi toes and feature the same technologies, which are primarily constructed with power control, composite and bow size technology.
  4. Taiga - The Taiga Series offers three different sticks: The Taiga 3.0, Taiga 2.0, and the Taiga 1.0. All sticks are designed as Midi toes and are constructed with bow size technology, making the Taiga 1.0 the shortest, and the Taiga 3.0 the longest. Out of the entire series, these are the most affordable, depending on your budget. Why, you ask? This series is designed specifically for beginner players who are just becoming comfortable with the sport. They were constructed to be forgiving, by allowing improved receiving and control.