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TK Field Hockey Sticks

TK is considered to be one of the most elite brands worldwide. Manufactured in Germany, TK builds field hockey sticks that are accommodating to athletes at all levels. They are commonly known for their light-weight and powerful features that enhance each player's performance. Their featured sticks include: the Platinum, Synergy and Vintage Series.

  • Platinum - The Platinum Series was constructed with DynanoTex technology that enhances performance by providing the highest levels of output with an intricate combination of a matte/gloss finish and Italian fiber internal braid detailing. This series is the priciest of the 3 and is most useful for elite players.
  • Synergy - The Synergy Series offers a collection of sticks that are built with Nano technology and composite materials that offer a higher potential for output and sublime feel on the ball, but are still much lighter compared to most composite sticks.
  • Vintage - The Vintage Series is said to be "the heart of the TK collection and the balance point between function and design". All sticks are constructed with carbon, fiberglass, and aramid to uphold and deliver maximum power.

TK Sticks