Jansport backpacks have been a staple of school and outdoor exploration for nearly forty years, and they've stayed on top of their game, even as times and styles have changed. Built on a solid foundation and a commitment to quality, fun, and discovery, Jansport continues to create some of the most durable, long-lasting, versatile, and flat-out cool looking backpacks and travel bags for everything from school, at every level, to hiking packs, for every need.

Jansport understands that a great backpack is one of the most versatile, useful things you can own. It carries your most prized possessions. It organizes your life. It represents your style. It keeps you moving when life says stop. One day it's carrying your books, the next it holds your food and clothing on an overnight hike. That's why they've built incredible durability and flexibility into every one of their backpacks. Featuring a slew of pockets, organizers, comfortable padding, and tough fabrics, every Jansport bag is ready for anything you can stuff in it, and any condition you can run it through.

Sports Unlimited is committed to bringing everyone quality gear that can last a lifetime, at fair prices. But we're also committed to supporting companies we believe in, and that contribute to the betterment of mankind. With Jansport, we bring you the whole package. Bonus! They're backpacks and travel bags are second to none, with prices like you've never seen. But Jansport also prides itself on ethics, adopting the code of conduct created by the Fair Labor Association, and ensuring each of its workers in every country, is treated fairly.

With our huge selection of school backpacks, laptop backpacks, and messenger bags in every color and style, and Jansport's history of excellence and commitment to fairness, you can't go wrong with Sports Unlimited and Jansport.