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For over 120 years, Carhartt has manufactured the toughest, most durable workwear for the blue collar worker. To ensure the best quality, Carhartt sends their coats, jeans, overalls, shirts and more to working men and women across America to test them and report back. Called the Field Testing Program, this provides Carhartt with honest opinions on not only their garment's best features but what can be improved to make it even better.

From coats, jackets and hoodies to pants, overalls, and shirts, Carhartt carries everything the American worker needs to get through the day in any environment. With waterproof rain gear and heavyweight hoodies and coats, Carhartt delivers quality products at a value to keep you comfortable and focused on the job at hand. As a family owned company since 1889, Carhartt prides itself on being an honest manufacturer for the hard-working, honest American.