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For every aspect of the outdoors, every condition, and every eventuality, Columbia Sportswear has the perfect piece of apparel. Whether you're tackling the snowy peaks or navigating the city streets, Columbia's full line of outerwear has the style and performance you need to get the job done right! For over 70 years, Columbia Sportswear has lead the industry, utilizing their knowledge and expertise off the outdoors to design and create some of the most unique and high-performing pieces of apparel, built to work in real-world situations and environments. Their engineers and designers continue to push the boundaries of performance apparel, innovating the industry with an amazing array of advanced technologies. So take on the world in Columbia, and know that you're ready for anything!

Columbia's prowess is not singularly in fleece jackets or winter vests, but in the entire outerwear category with options in jackets, shells, gloves, hats, vests, fleece, snow pants, and more. Columbia even makes outerwear with NCAA team logos and names so that when you make it to a game you can represent your college without having to bear it in the cold in a t-shirt or jersey. Whatever kind of outerwear you need, you can rely on Columbia for quality, subtle style, and warmth in the face of winter.