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Cornilleau Outdoor Foosball Table - Black

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The outdoor lifestyle foosball table has overcome the challenge of combining elegance, performance, enjoyment and durability. Designed by Cornilleau in collaboration with Stella, a French company specializing in foosball, it boasts the best expertise of both brands. Cornilleau's design, demanding tests and outdoor know-how, and the playability and precision of a Stella production. While its design is the first noticeable thing about our outdoor foosball table, its true qualities can be found in every choice made during its conception. Each material used and each design element serves three functions : aesthetic, playing experience and durability. Our foosball table is both shock-resistant and weather-resistant, giving everyone the possibility to enjoy a great play experience both indoors and outdoors, all the while embellishing any space it occupies.
  • Laminated resin game box: A material that has proven itself for several decades on outdoor ping pong tables, laminated resin (HPL) offers unparalleled strength that will allow you to enjoy your table soccer for years, even decades. With a thickness of 18 mm, equivalent to three panels of a very good quality ping pong table, it offers a resistance to any test.
  • Exotic wood legs: Renowned for its natural qualities such as rot-proofing, resistance to all types of weather conditions and durability, Moabi offers a unique look. Reinforced by an anti-UV treatment, it keeps its appearance over time.
  • Resistance to weathering: From the laminate game box to the stainless steel screws, from the exotic wood to the aluminum, all materials have been rigorously selected and tested to ensure their resistance to the elements, in order to offer you a foosball table that you can leave outside without any fear.
  • 15 mm stainless steel play bars: Thicker than average, the bars of the lifestyle outdoor foosball table offer the ideal compromise between hardness and suppleness so that you can indulge in frenzied games without suffering for it.
  • Stainless steel goals: As well as all the screws, the goals are made of stainless steel. Beyond their aesthetics and quality, they contribute to the atmosphere of the games by the sound they produce when the ball comes in contact with them, an additional motivation to score goals, if one were needed.
  • Gerflex playing surface: Gerflex is the benchmark material for foosball matting. Glued to a laminate plate that remains perfectly straight, it offers excellent rollability, optimal grip and precise ball spin.
  • Aluminum players: Combining aesthetics and durability, aluminum is the preferred material for demanding players. Traditionally popular in France, aluminum players are easy to handle due to their moderate weight, while allowing for strong and precise play. They offer a faster game than plastic players.
  • Oblique side strips: Playing jump balls, in height, is made possible by the oblique lateral strips located on the sides of the playing surface. This is a historical specificity of our partner, Stella, with whom we worked on this table soccer.
  • Articulated non-slip feet adjustable over 5 cm: Your foosball table must be able to remain perfectly flat and adapt to uneven garden floors and slightly sloping terraces. With its articulated, non-slip and height-adjustable glides, the feet of the lifestyle outdoor table soccer allow it to adapt to all types of floors. You can install it wherever you want without affecting the quality of the game.
  • Low crossbars: The two crossbars connecting the legs at the bottom certainly contribute to the aesthetics of the lifestyle outdoor table soccer, but not only that. The placement of the crossbars provides additional and much-needed stability, as there are few games in which the table is not jostled around a little bit.
  • Eco-designed laminate backplane: The bottom of the outdoor lifestyle table is made of laminated resin panels that we do not keep for our ping pong tables, simply because their cut was not suitable. They keep all their qualities, especially flatness and resistance.
  • Semi-thick case: The lifestyle outdoor table soccer has been designed as a real piece of furniture so that it can be integrated in outdoor and indoor spaces with a well thought-out decoration. The body, the main part of the table, has been specifically designed so that its proportions are in perfect balance with the legs and the whole table. Not too thin, not too thick.
  • Feet integrated in the box: We have chosen to integrate the legs to the body for aesthetic reasons, but not only. They support it from underneath, which distributes its load better. This design choice contributes to the clean lines of the table while contributing to its balance.
  • Easy to assemble: Because the pleasure of playing should not wait, everything has been thought to simplify the assembly of your table soccer. In less than an hour with three people, you will assemble it without difficulty by referring to the instructions and our assembly help page.
  • Playing surface dimensions: 47.72" x 28.74"
  • 5 year warranty
  • Includes 5 natural cork balls and 5 white plastic balls
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