You've seen them on almost every pitcher in the major leagues, and probably thought to yourself, "What are those things?" Although a seemingly new fad in sports, therapeutic titanium-based necklaces and hologram embedded wrist bands have taken the world by storm, and are worn and endorsed by players of all sports, at all levels, including NBA pro Shaquille O'Neal, and NFL pro Matt Hasselbeck.

Therapeutic titanium necklaces, designed by Phiten, have become incredibly popular amongst athletes for their aesthetic and therapeutic qualities. Made with pieces of titanium dissolved in water, then absorbed into fabric, these necklaces help to revitalize and balance the body. Recommended by doctors and trainers, titanium necklaces work to alleviate discomfort, enhance blood circulation, stabilize energy flow, relax the muscles, relieve pain, prevent injuries, and improve energy levels.

Also popular amongst pro athletes, runners, and outdoorsmen, the Power Balance wrist band performance technology utilizes frequencies that react positively with your body's natural energy field to produce beneficial results like improved balance, strength, and focus. Each Power Balance wrist band contains holograms tuned to specific frequencies, that when in contact with the body's energy field, produce improved energy flow throughout the entire body. Trusted by MLB pro Shane Victorino, NBA star Derrick Rose, NFL Quarterback Drew Brees and more, Power Balance delivers incredible power, energy, and balance during training and games.