Cascade Lacrosse Equipment

Cascade prides itself on being the leader in the lacrosse helmet and eye mask industry. Over the past 30 years, they have strived to be on the cutting edge of design and safety and are constantly dedicated to discovering new technology and other ways to improve their equipment.

Based out of Liverpool, New York, Cascade chooses to design, develop, and produce its products right here in the US. This gives them total control over production and allows the design team to ensure their vision is properly executed and the products are treated with the same care and integrity from start to finish. They are continually working with top-level scientists to fully understand impact attenuation and how it applies to brain and eye injuries, and they utilize this feedback when designing their products to provide maximum protection without sacrificing your field of view. They even have a NOCSAE test lab on site that allows them to test all of their products and ensure they meet and exceed official safety standards for play.

The acquisition by Bauer Performance Group also gave Cascade access to various new tools and technologies that allowed them to further improve their helmets. They integrated Poron XRD foam liners into the helmets to better manage the energy from impacts while yielding less stress to the brain, and exclusive Seven Technology was applied to the material between the shell and the liner to help absorb the force from impacts and further increase protection.

The design and production teams at Cascade have a passion to protect. That's why you can take the field with confidence in their gear and in your ability to dominate the game without getting injured.


Cascade Lacrosse Equipment

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