Exercise Mats

Exercise mats serve two purposes: they protect your body from the stress of exercising on a hard floor, and they protect your flows from your exercise equipment.

Personal exercise mats can usually be rolled or folded and feature some type of strap or handle for easy storage and transport. You can use these mats at home for stretching, yoga, and pilates. You can also bring your mat with you to your gym, community center, or park for group classes. Mats can be found in varying lengths, widths, and thicknesses. Some activities are better on thinner mats, while others are fine on any mat, and the selection is purely your preference.

Tumbling mats are much larger than personal, portable exercise mats, and are generally thicker. These mats are designed to cover more floor space and provide impact protection for children or adults who are practicing tumbling and other gymnastics skills.

Home gym floor mats are made of heavy duty, durable rubber. They can come in different thicknesses and sizes. Single mats can be purchased to placing under heavy aerobic exercise equipment to protect your floors from damage, as well as decrease any slipping or movement that may occur when placing aerobic equipment on a smooth-surfaced floor. Other floor mats are sold as rectangular or square interlocking pieces that can be combined to cover a larger, or irregularly-shaped area of your floor.

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Exercise Mats

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