Lacrosse Googles & Masks

It can happen in a blink of an eye a lacrosse ball misses your teammates pocket, and lands on your face. Good thing you are now required to wear goggles for play, or you would be in big trouble, and you may have even been out for the season. Not only are lacrosse goggles required to be worn during play in women's and girl's lacrosse, your eyes should be protected anyway since they are vital to your daily life! It's so important to protect them, especially during the game of lacrosse.

Not your typical, closed in goggle like swimming goggles, lacrosse goggles generally contain wire caging surrounded by a frame that hugs your face to keep your eyes protected from lacrosse balls, sticks, and even your opponents. Most lacrosse goggles also come with an adjustable band for a customized and secure fit.

At Sports Unlimited, find adult and youth lacrosse goggles for women and girls from brands like Cascade, STX, Brine, and Bangerz. Our selection of goggles are certified for play and are sure to meet your needs, and will protect you while keeping you comfortable and giving you a full view of the field around you. Now you can continue to make those game winning plays without any interruption.


Lacrosse Googles & Masks

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