Football Shoulder Pad Accessories

The shoulder pad is an essential piece of protection for any football player. But sometimes a shoulder pad doesn't do quite enough to protect all you're vulnerable areas. And that's where we at Sports Unlimited come in with a wide variety of shoulder pad accessories to make sure you're properly covered.

The most popular accessory is the back plate. A simple foam pad with a plastic coating that attaches to the bottom of a shoulder pad and provides extra coverage for the lower back. We have many back plates in stock designed to fit your specific shoulder pad and many universal types in all shapes, sizes and colors.

For those who need more protection, we provide football rib protectors that wrap around your body to cover your lower back and ribs in foam padding. Rib protectors can vary from a lightweight vest to an attachment similar to a backplate with an extended pad that wraps around the ribs.

Padded shirts are another way to bolster your rib protection. Made from lightweight, flexible materials, these compression shirts have pads and the shoulders, ribs, and sometimes the spine to add additional support to the heavier padding over the top.

For linebackers and some lineman, we offer popular football collars and neck rolls. Originally designed to prevent stingers, the collars attach to the top of your shoulder pads to help stabilize your neck on bigger hits. We also have several injury pads to be worn underneath your shoulder pads to increase the cushioning.

Shoulder Pad Accessories

Football Shoulder Pad Accessories

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