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Aussies have been falling in love with American Football since WWII. Today, you find it played all over the country, watch it live on One or Foxtel, and can join one of the 70 or so leagues yourself! Heck, our national team even went to the IFAF World Cup!

If you've ever had an interest in the game, or are thinking of converting over from Australian football, now's the time to join in on the action! All you need is some new gear, a ball, and plenty of friends, and you've got yourself a gridiron game!

Like the Americans in the NFL, you'll need a gridiron helmet, facemask, shoulder pads, and cleats to get started. At Sports Unlimited, we've got all the best gear from some of the oldest, most trusted football brands in the world. Our prices, selection, and variety are second to none, and we'll even ship right to Australia, so there's no worries mate!