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Looking for a new lacrosse handle? Are you thinking, "How do I buy a lacrosse handle"? Is there more to it that just a cool graphic and your favorite colors? The answer is, yes!

Just like buying any piece of athletic equipment, the first thing you'll want to determine is your age and skill level. Be honest with yourself A beginner player is someone who is just starting out in the game of lacrosse, and an advanced player is someone who is in an elite level of play in high school, college or beyond. An intermediate player is somewhere in the middle. If you are really an intermediate player (stronger with you stick handling skills than a beginner, but not yet at an advanced level of play with your competitors) do not get fixated on being identified as an advanced player. If you are truly and intermediate player, buying advanced equipment may hinder your skill development, and keep you from becoming the truly great player you deserve to be. Check out Sports Unlimited's selection of handles for women's lacrosse.

The major differences in handles can be seen in the material they are made from. The two most common types of materials in women's handles today are composite and alloy.

Composite handles are the most popular type of material, and are not temperature sensitive, like metal handles, cutting down on the need for tape or gloves and in turn allowing the player to have better feel of the stick. Composite handles are available for all levels of play.

Handles made from alloy metals, which are available in 7000 series, titanium, and scandium, tend to lend to a more advanced level player. These handles tend to be lighter, yet stronger than composites also making them more expensive.