Youth Lacrosse Sticks

With a fast tempo, constant action and plenty of players on the field, lacrosse is quickly growing in popularity on the youth level.

Lax walls and pop up goals are sprouting in backyards everywhere, and now it's your son's or daughter's turn to see what all the fuss is about. The early years of a lacrosse career are fun ones, but to make sure your child is going to grow a passion for the game, you need to start with the right equipment.

That's where Sports Unlimited comes in. We stock beginner sticks from the brands that the pros love so that your young player can get the most out of his or her game. Brands like STX, Brine, Maverick and Warrior, with sticks sized just right to make sure players that are developing skills can learn the basics before advancing to higher levels of lacrosse.

Many of these youth lacrosse sticks have features that make learning the game easy. Some have wider openings to make scooping the ball off the ground easier, while others have narrower faces to help players cradle the ball and be more accurate with shots and passes. If you're buying a stick for a defender, ground ball pickup is key, and attackers need the accuracy control provided by a narrower head. We even have goalie sticks tailored to younger players that are durable and will take players from their first practice all the way up to high school.

Most youth sticks are lightweight and easy to handle and come in bold, bright colors that are sure to make them a favorite item. Lacrosse is a fun game to learn and one that takes years to perfect. Make sure you get the right start for your young player with a new stick perfect for their game from Sports Unlimited.

Youth Sticks

Youth Lacrosse Sticks

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