Mini Lacrosse Sticks / Game Sets

The game of lacrosse can get complicated with all the different types of equipment on the market today. Understanding different types of heads, shafts, and protection for different player levels, and player position can get overwhelming and confusing. What if you are not a part of an organized lacrosse team or league, and don't need a stick that meets NCAA and NFHS regulations? What if you just want to have a catch with your buddy in the backyard, or on the beach? Sports Unlimited's selection of mini lacrosse sticks and game sets are right for you.

Mini sticks and games sets are compact and lightweight, perfect for travel and all ages. Suitable for very young ages all the way through adulthood, these recreational lacrosse sticks are fun to play with in the backyard during you next family reunion, on the beach with your kids during 4th of July weekend, or in your college dorm hallway (just don't hit anyone coming out of their room!). At a great price point, they also make a fun gift idea for your favorite sports lover.

Mini lacrosse sticks and games sets bring friends, family, and even strangers together. Shop Sports Unlimited's selection of mini sticks, mini goals, and mini game sets to have on hand for your next get together!


Mini Lacrosse Sticks / Game Sets

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