Nathan Sports is a well-known, respected brand for running and hydration equipment and accessories. Nathan manufactures everything from hydration packs to reflective apparel.

Whether you are running, hiking, or walking, if you are on the move you need to stay hydrated. Take your pick from a wide selection of water bottles, waist packs with single or multiple flasks, and hydration vests. Water bottles are perfect for sports and everyday casual use. After all, we need water even if we aren't running a marathon. Waist packs keep your water within reach in flasks. These belts also commonly have storage pockets to carry some of your small essentials such as keys, credit cards, or a cell phone. Hydration vests are the popular choice for extended cardiovascular exercise such as long distance running or hiking. While they do add weight to your body, it is a much easier load to carry when the force is distributed across your shoulder, back and hips. Hydration packs also feature straw mechanisms that provide quick and easy hydration without breaking your running form to reach for a flask.

Safety gear is crucial for runners, walkers, and hikers who will be out during low light conditions of dawn, dusk, or overnight. Reflective apparel is useful for those who will be near roads. The headlights from vehicles will reflect off of the gear and alert the driver of your presence. For especially dark or less-traveled areas, strobe lights and flashlights will catch the attention of others in your vicinity, ensuring their knowledge of your location.

These days, we tend to bring our cell phone with us everywhere. Nathan has several styles of arm bands and water bottle packs with specially-designed cell phone pockets to keep your phone protected and secure during your run or hike.