Outdoor Games
Outdoor Games

Playground Balls, Dodgeballs, Kickballs & Foursquare Balls

Time for recess! Those are the words every elementary school child loves to hear. They can't wait to get out in the fresh air with their friends and just do whatever they feel like for that brief time period. What is the number one toy used by kids at recess? Balls! Balls are needed for kickball, foursquare, soccer, handball, dodgeball, wall ball, and many other favorite games of kids.

Rubber balls come in various sizes and can be used on hard or soft surfaces. The durable rubber surface will withstand blacktop use for foursquare, wall ball, and handball. It is also perfectly suited for grass or dirt where there might be small sticks or rocks when playing kickball or even a quick game of soccer. Rubber playground balls ae most commonly 8.5 inches in diameter, but can be found in other sizes, such as 6 inches or 10 inches, that may better suit your needs.

Foam balls are used for dodgeball and other games where the object is to hit other players with the ball. Many foam balls these days feature a durable outer coating that make them easier to throw and better suited for outdoor as well as indoor use. These coatings also provide a no-sting impact when players are hit with the ball, as opposed to rubber balls that traditionally can sting and leave large red marks if players are hit hard.

Playground balls can also be used indoors for recess on rainy days or during gym class. Rubber as well as foam balls have uses both indoors and outdoors for fun, free play or organized activities.