You are getting ready to go to your next game, but you are all out of knee high team color socks. At the last minute you have to dig through your laundry basket for a pair of already worn stinky socks from yesterday's practice. Now instead of focusing on the game, you'll be thinking about the dirty socks you are wearing. Do not let this happen to you.

Pro Feet offers a low-price team socks in different constructions, fabrics, and in a huge selection of team colors and sizes. The best selling All-Sport Team Sock comes in both a non-cushioned style and full-foot cushioned style at a low price. Spend a little bit more for the more durable Nylon Multi-Sport Sock that will last longer, and still at a low price. With Pro Feet's reasonable pricing on essential all-sport solid color team socks, it's affordable to buy a whole bunch! Put an end to re-wearing your old stinky socks!

Really hate stinky feet? Pro Feet also offers a line of performance socks that contain polypropylene and X-Static technologies to wick away moisture and odor, keeping your feet dry, and comfortable, while helping to prevent against blisters.

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