When you hear "Razor Scooters," what do you think of? The traditional metal scooter that was silver, folded, and came in 3 different colored wheels? Well, that is the A Kick Scooter. Razor still makes those for riders who love the classics, but they have also come a long way since then. Several upgraded models of the A Kick Scooter also allow you to maintain the classic look and feel while adding some higher quality and more advanced features.

The RipStick line provides the perfect balance between a skateboard and a scooter. You power these boards with your feet, but maintain your contact with the board, improving your balance and control. Go with a simple models to start, and move up to a more advanced model when you are ready for more advanced grinding and tricks.

Looking for something with a little more power behind it than a manual-powered scooter? Razor has a full line of electric scooter ranging from simple standup scooters, to fancier moped-style scooters. It doesn't stop there. If you really have a need for speed, check out the electric go karts and dirt bikes that are scaled down to make them perfect for kids. Always follow the instructions and wear proper protective equipment when using any type of scooter, bike, or cart.