Roller Skates
Roller Skates

Roller Derby Skates

If you're idea of fun includes bruises, bumps, and blood combined with speed and strategy, roller derby is your kind of sport. What do you need to be a top tier player? The proper skates.

Derby skates are durable, comfortable, and lightweight. The boots are typically mostly black leather or a synthetic leather with laces as a closure. The laces allow you to tighten the boots to conform to your foot, giving you the stability and support you need on the track. Some derby skates also have a Velcro strap or cover over the laces for an added level of security in the event that your laces become loosened or torn during the match.

Consider all aspects of the skate when making a purchase: the boot, the plate, bearings, toe stop, and wheels. Replacements for everything but the boot can generally be purchased to customize your skates if there isn't a combination pre-existing that fits all of your desired features.