Roller Derby encompasses Roller Derby Skates, Tour Hockey ice and roller hockey skates and equipment, Labeda Skateboards, and Lake Placid Ice Skates.

Roller Derby makes inline skates as well as quad roller skates. Inline skates for girls, boys, women, and men range from simple recreational skates up to higher tech and quality fitness skates. Roller skates are also available in styles for girls, boys, women, and men and feature specifically designed models for roller derby competition, speed skating, and recreational or jam skating.

Tour Hockey products include roller hockey skates, ice hockey skates, goalie equipment, helmets, protective apparel, sticks, and bags. Adult and youth models are available in each applicable category. You can outfit yourself or your child from head to toe in Tour Hockey gear and be ready for the rink.

Lake Placid ice skates are perfect for all ages. With double-blade models for beginners needing more stability, adjustable models for youth skaters who are advancing from double-blade skates, and adult figure skates with traditional and soft boot options, there is a Lake Placid skate suitable for every member of the family. Lake Placid's wide variety of features, designs, and colors set it apart from other ice skate manufacturers.