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    Schutt Catchers Gear

    Schutt is an industry leader in protective equipment no matter what sport you look at. From football helmets to baseball catcher's gear, if you need protection in a sport, Schutt provides it. The catcher in baseball is the player that needs to most protection and support because of where he or she plays on the field. Using some of the same tech that protects football players from head to head collisions, Schutt uses its signature TPU material in their catchers gear as well, be it a hockey-style helmet or a chest protector. That is some serious protection for a position that requires it.

    Schutt designs both baseball and fastpitch softball catchers gear. Schutt has been around since 1918 and although they haven't specifically been making catcher's gear for that long, they've used their experience and expertise with protective gear in football and other sports to master baseball and softball protective gear as well. Schutt is based in Illinois and continues to develop new and improved protective technology with each passing year. When you see a player wearing Schutt gear, you know that they've made a smart and safe decision so that he or she can make all the plays behind the plate with confidence.