Roller Skates
Roller Skates

Skate Bags, Wheels, and Accessories

Make your skates truly yours by swapping out the wheels. This simple replacement can change the entire look of your skates. You can keep all 4 wheels the same colors or mix and match! Changing the wheels can also allow you to use your skates both indoors and outdoors. Wheel changes are also a simple way to upgrade your skates. You may have your boots perfectly broken in, but are looking for some higher quality wheels as you step up your derby or jam skating. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your wheels, and maybe even your bearings or plates.

Wheels don't just vary by color. Also consider the size and hardness when buying new wheels. Harder wheels are used for outdoor skating to prevent rapid wearing of the wheels as they roll across rough surfaces such as concrete or blacktop with the occasional small rock or stick in the path.

Skate bags are essential pieces of equipment. After investing so much time and money into perfecting your skates, the last thing you want is for them to get damaged in transit to or from the rink or as the sit in your car or trunk while you go about your errands or go to work.