Finding the perfect sports bra can be intimidating. Your bra can adjust in the back or in the straps, have an underwire or be wireless, pull over your head or clip in the back but these features all come down to preference.  The most important feature of a sports bra is the support it provides.  We carry both medium and high-impact sports bras for activities ranging from yoga, bicycling, and golfing to playing basketball, tennis and running.  And sports bras aren't only for those competing.  They are designed to control motion so any woman on the go will find comfort and functionality out of a good sports bra.

For the serious athlete, we carry Nike and Under Armour sports bra which wick moisture, provide breathability and provide comfort during your workouts.  For the more fashion-conscious woman, Isis and Moving Comfort offer sports bras with a more flattering fit and cute designs.  And for the larger breasted woman, we offer the Enell Sports Bra which is worn and supported by Oprah.  Once you find a sports bra that offers the right support, the next step is maintaining the garment.  Never place it in the dryer and remember that every sports bra has a lifespan.  When it loses its ability to restrict vertical motion, it's probably time to buy a new bra.