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Youth Under Armour Cold Gear

Today, Under Armour produces lines of performance clothing specially engineered to protect you and keep you moving in extremely cold conditions. The aptly named Under Armour ColdGear is a full line of specifically designed athletic clothing that works to hold and circulate body heat when you're training, while still breathing and wicking moisture away from the body. The result is a cooler, drier, warmer, most improved you. The wonder of ColdGear is its lightweight design, that maximizes your performance in the cold, without weighing you down.

Perfect for early morning drills, winter or mountain hiking, skiing or snowboarding, and other extreme cold sports and training sessions, youth ColdGear is the ultimate in superior performance apparel. Once again, Under Armour proves they're worthy of their reputation in the industry.

As a major distributor of Under Armour, Sports Unlimited carries a full line of Youth Under Armour clothing and ColdGear and ColdGear, as well as a huge selection of other Kid's Apparel for any condition, situation, or sport out there. So browse around, and we're sure you'll find exactly what you need, and prices that can't be beat.