Under Armour Women's Cold Gear

Under Armour ColdGear is researched, designed, and built to make training in the winter months less of a ghoul. Keeping your body 's heat close, ColdGear heats you using your own heat and wicks sweat away to keep you dry. This gear is built to DO because activity is crucial to performance. While you hike that hill, ColdGear works, while you train on the asphalt, ColdGear stays with you in the coldest conditions because it 's built to do that.

Explore our Under Armour Guide to find out what HeatGear, ColdGear, and AllSeasonGear are for as well as the various fits. Performance DNA is built into every piece of UA gear because there is nothing more satisfying to Under Armour's crew than to see an athlete succeed at their goals. Get moving, even in the cold, that's what ColdGear is for.