Voodoo Field Hockey Sticks

Voodoo specializes in field hockey equipment and prides itself on "pushing the boundaries of field hockey technology". Voodoo America is a licensed, exclusive dealer for Voodoo Field Hockey equipment in North America. They build hockey sticks for beginners, all the way up to international players. Their family of sticks is built with custom double-layered Twaron aramide, as well as twin-channel construction that make them extremely durable and lightweight.

I have never heard of Twaron aramide. What is it?

Twaron aramide is a heat-resistant and strong synthetic fiber that was developed in the early 1970's by the Dutch company, AZKO. Today, it is more so a brand name of Teijin Aramid, a company located in the Netherlands that produces high-strength fibers for manufacturing purposes of various products, including composites that are used in sports equipment and/or protective gear.

No matter the experience, Voodoo has what you need. "Voodoo is about now. Voodoo is about winning. Our inspiration is to make the ultimate sticks for our Voodoo players to carve with. If you are going to play play hard."


Voodoo Field Hockey Sticks

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