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Women's Lacrosse Equipment Bags

Sometimes you can win a game just by how you show up to the field. Step off the bus with confidence by choosing from our wide range of colors and styles for women's lacrosse bags.

With a selection including Brine, STX, deBeer, Harrow, Maverick and Warrior, we're sure to have something to match your brand of choice. You already play with flair. Make sure you arrive in style.

Not sure what lacrosse equipment bag to get?

You can start simple, with a basic stick bag or a lacrosse backpack, or go all out with a larger sized duffel bag.

What's the difference?

Think of a stick bag as a sheath for your stick, keeping it safely tucked away until youĂre ready for action. ThereĂs space for some small items (keys, cell phones) and your goggles as well. If youĂve got more gear to bring along, maybe extra padding or layers, a backpack gives you more space. Several compartments and large pockets are at your disposal, and your stick slides safely alongside the pack. For the players going to tournaments or those that value their space, large equipment bags are your best friend. ThereĂs enough space for several sticks and wet compartments to keep your game shoes and pads away from your fresh socks for the next game.

Choose wisely. Your gear needs a home and there's winning to do.