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Women's Lacrosse Goalie Equipment

The goalie of any sport has an important job - to protect the goal from the opponent and keep them from scoring. In lacrosse, where the ball is small, dense, and is shot at the goal fast and powerfully, protecting the goalie is just as important as protecting the goal itself. When shopping for goalie equipment, you will need a goalie stick, helmet, chest protector, throat guard, leg pads, gloves, and a mouth guard. You can find what you'll need to be your team's protector this season at Sports Unlimited from brands like STX and Brine.

Goalie sticks feature a head that is much larger than a traditional lacrosse head - the wider face is for making saves and throwing passes to clear the goal.

According to women's lacrosse rules a helmet, chest protector, throat guard, leg pads, gloves, and a mouth guard are all required to be worn by the goalie during play. The helmet must be a lacrosse specific helmet, and must have a sticker that says it meets NOCSAE standards. The chest protector covers the entire front of the goalie's torso, and usually has straps to adjust the fit keeping the goalie protected and mobile at the same time. The throat guard is separate from the helmet, and is attached for play. To be legal for play, leg pads need to protect the shin and thigh area, and they must fit properly so they don't slide around during play. As far as leg pads are concerned, there are two types that must be worn - goalie pants to protect the thigh and pelvic area, and shin guards to protect the shin area. Field Hockey leg pads are not legal to be worn according to US Lacrosse rules. Padded goalie gloves with extra padding on the thumb provides protection while holding the goalie stick. Mouth guards must also be worn by all players, not only the goalie.