The most important component of your lacrosse stick is the head. The head of the stick will determine how you throw, catch, pass, shoot, scoop and ultimately play the game. Without the head, there would be no pocket to cradle a ball, nothing to face-off your opponent with, nothing to shoot with.

When buying a women's lacrosse head, the width of the head should be determined by your skill level and player position. A wider head has more surface area allowing for catching and passing at ease. This is ideal for a beginner player still working on stick skills, or a defensive player who will need a wider head to catch opponent's intruding passes. A more narrow face will allow for better ball control, but should be reserved for a more advanced player who is also looking for a quick release, shooting accuracy, and power.

The angle of the scoop should also be determined by your skill sets and position on the field. A scoop with a steep angle adds power when throwing or shooting the ball, which is ideal for more advanced players but may be difficult for a beginner player to navigate. A flat scoop makes scooping the ball off the field easier, and is a better alternative for a beginner player who is still working on such a talent.

If you are looking for a new head for your lacrosse stick, shop Sports Unlimited's women's head section to find the right fit for your game.