York Barbell's name has long been synonymous with high quality, dependable fitness equipment. York Barbell is now the brand of choice for many commercial gyms as well as individuals because of their reputation for excellence. With such a wide range of products, York has something for everyone's fitness needs.

Long gone are the days of having to settle for solid, cast iron dumbbells. York makes them if you are a traditionalist, but they also make many other styles of dumbbells. The York Rubber Hex Dumbbells are by far their most popular model. Lifters like the feel of the chrome, knurled handle with the added protection of the rubber coating on the hexagonal heads. The Iron Pro Hex Dumbbells are the solid cast iron version of the Rubber Hex Dumbbells. The Legacy Solid Round Dumbbells and Professional Chrome Dumbbells also have metal handles and heads, but their heads are round instead of hexagonal. York also has neoprene-coated dumbbells available in colors or solid black and vinyl-coated dumbbells that come in colors unique to the weight.

York's variety doesn't just apply to their dumbbell selection. Their weight plate selection is just as vast. Whether you are looking for metal plates, rubber-encased metal plates, or bumper plates, York has what you need. With innovative designs, York plates are constructed with usability in mind. Several styles address the common grip issues with traditional plates. If you want the classic style plates, they have those too! Plates are available in styles compatible with standard (1 inch diameter) and Olympic (2 inch diameter) weight bars.

Don't forget your kettlebells and medicine balls for a complete workout allowing you to add resistance while strengthening your muscles and joints throughout their entire range of motion.


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