Finger Protection Soccer Goalie Gloves

Finger Protection Soccer Goalie Gloves

Finger protection gloves, also knows as Finger Save gloves, are designed to protect the fingers from hyperextension and also from being stepped on. The materials (stays) placed in the fingers of each glove stiffen when force is applied to keep your fingers protected. Some of these finger inserts are removable for customized levels of protection and flexibility.

Our collection of finger protection gloves contains materials and splints in the fingers that stiffen when force is applied. As the fingers bend backward, the fingers of the glove harden and prevent them from moving passed a certain point, protecting them from injury. Reusch Orth-Tec stays are the latest and most advanced finger protection on the field today. Made of lightweight, two-piece dual-density plastic, Ortho-Tec stays are convex to fit the shape of the finger for a slimmer, less bulky fit, and to give you great flexibility and mobility. But as the finger goes back after a save, the stays lock into place and prevent the finger from bending backwards. In most gloves these stays can be removed from certain fingers for a customized feel.

Finger protection and stays can be found in most goalie gloves, for every player of every age and skill level. So browse through our entire collection of soccer goalie gloves to find the ones that work best for your game!

Q & A
By Mike from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada on November 12, 2014
I'm looking for goalkeeper gloves with thumb save protection as well, as most just come with the four finger save protection. Which ones have the thumb save protection?
By Customer Service on November 13, 2014

All Reusch gloves with "Ortho-Tec" stays have free-floating finger and thumb stays anchored with velcro at the tips of the digits. Uhlsport gloves that say "Plus" or "+" have thumb protection (ex. Bionikframe+ and Supportframe+). The Brine King 4X and 5X also have thumb protection stays.