• Schutt Hybrid Football Helmets

    Schutt Hybrid Football Helmets

    The padding in football helmets is constantly changing. There's always new innovations in materials, fit and feel that make the football helmet one of the most cutting edge products in all of sports. Schutt has pushed innovation forward in their youth helmets with the hybrid helmet ? a mix of materials and liners found in their adult helmets with a flexible material known as D3O now found in every Schutt hybrid helmet.

    Used in the rear and sides of Schutt's youth hybrid helmets, D3O is a patented technology that is soft and flexible when used to fit your head, but immediately locks up upon impact, forming a layer of protective shock absorption. The material is light in weight and extremely comfortable, allowing for a variety of head shapes and sizes to fit the helmet perfectly. That's important for youth leagues that rotate helmets and for players who haven't been able to find a helmet that fits quite correctly.

    D3O is a distinctive orange color that clearly makes Schutt's hybrid helmets stand out. But it also helps keep the weight down despite the thicker padding. It's available in both hybrid and hybrid+ models of Schutt's helmets, with the plus helmets also including inflation points for a more customizable fit.

    At Sports Unlimited, we have both Vengeance and Recruit helmets available in hybrid form. Pick one up today and feel the difference technology can make in your head protection.